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About Scott Jacobson

Scott Jacobson is a business development professional and organizational leader who serves as the founder and CEO of Fuse Advancement. Under Scott’s leadership, Fuse Advancement has grown into a successful company that combines innovation, networking, community building, idea-driven solutions, and partnership development to improve advertising channels for airports, colleges, non-profit organizations, and privately owned businesses.

In addition to Scott’s work with Fuse Advancement, he is the founder of Fuse Connect, a subsidiary of Fuse Advancement that is focused on bringing comprehensive and innovative in-terminal advertising solutions to airports. Scott Jacobson has always been passionate about airport advertising, recognizing it as a prime space for advancement and development that has yet to reach its full potential. Through Fuse Advancement, Scott empowers collaborators to break from the traditional transactional advertisement strategy to instead create a unique partnership model for each airport and its local community. In the time since its founding, Fuse Advancement has partnered with various airports such as the Ontario International Airport (ONT), Santa Barabara Airport (SBA), Sonoma County Charles Shulz Airport (STS), and Palm Springs International Airport (PSP) helping them maximize their ability to grow revenue while simultaneously boosting businesses visibility within their local communities.

Scott has built a reputation within his industry for his profound commitment to helping clients and partners access sustainable revenue streams, maximize impact, and reach success through efficient advertising. Scott Jacobson’s interest in breaking the mold of traditional advertising channels is continuously evident through his work and lasting connections with collaborators and their communities. Meeting potential customers where they are and shining a new light on products and services that bring value to others is important to Scott, and he is always looking to better foster innovation and collaboration within his field.

Scott Jacobson Explores Important Qualities of Effective Airport Advertisements

Scott Jacobson Airport

As the founder of Fuse Connect, a company that specializes in in-terminal advertising for airports, Scott Jacobson is particularly interested in the field and how specialized ads can be leveraged to improve revenue streams both for airports and their surrounding businesses.

One of Scott’s favorite aspects of airport advertising is how it is ripe for further innovation that empowers brands to leverage effective strategies to reach more people, grow revenue, and access a captive audience that is likely to spend. Still, as a space that is only recently realizing its potential, many are unsure of how exactly in-terminal ads will be used to reach the most successful result.

Here, Scott Jacobson draws from his passion for and experience within the industry to share a few qualities he associates with effective airport advertisements.

Great Location

A clear benefit of airport advertising is that it can be used to access thousands of potential customers at a time. However, this does not matter much if a brand is not shown in a location that is openly visible to these groups of people. Scott Jacobson finds that exact locations are a crucial component of effective airport advertisements, which is why he helps advise airports across the country on effective locations for digital billboards, art installations for advertisements, etc. It is worth noting that an advertisement does not need to be large, bright, and at the front and center of congregating crowds in order to be impactful. Brands can also find value through smaller, more nuanced kiosk displays that make a point to connect with their audience regardless.

Clear and Precise Messaging

We have all had experiences with advertisements with unclear messaging that confuse us more than they entice us. In nearly all applications, it is suggested that advertisements include messaging that is as clear and precise as possible. This empowers brands to make an impression quickly, as we all know that ads often have a limited window of time to attract our attention. When creating ads, especially for an airport setting, you will want to make sure that your message comes across in a strong and impactful manner. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Will they be able to quickly identify the point of your ad? If not, try to include messaging and imagery that better presents the mission of your marketing.

Scott Jacobson Airport

Effective Timing

Timing can impact advertising in a variety of ways. For example, digital ads are programmed to display their messages during certain time frames. The most impactful ads are able to use this to their strengths, getting in quickly but effectively enough to gain the attention of the audience. There are other applications of timing in airport advertising as well. When your ad is shown, the specific day of the week and time of day that it appears can massively impact how many people see it, and additionally, how much the advertising placement may cost. Scott Jacobson encourages brands to remember that they do not necessarily need to hit the most heavily trafficked days or times to get the results that they want. Sometimes smaller crowds have the opportunity to explore and give advertisements the time to resonate with them, especially if the ads in question are well crafted, unique, and tailored to their audience.

Ability to Attract and Convert Customers

Scott Jacobson finds that many of the best advertisements he has seen during his time in the industry are recognized for their ability to attract and convert customers for more sales. What he realizes, however, is that there are countless ways for brands to achieve this goal. One effective strategy is to include unique, eye-catching visuals that grab the attention of the target audience for the product or service displayed. This can be done with color, design elements, humor, you name it.

For some brands, experimentation is necessary here. You do not want ads that simply fade into the background or are too derivative of what you already see all of the time, but you also want to avoid investing in ads that are totally alien to your customer base either. The push and pull of familiarity and innovation can be daunting, and finding something that fits within your style is key. Flashy, bold, humorous, laid back, simple, and cool can all work, but working to refine your unique method to grab attention is incredibly valuable when working towards creating the best airport ads possible.

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